Be Beautiful At Prom

Believe it or not when I was in High School I didn’t attend prom. I know, gasp! But I attended homecoming and morp or often called Sadie Hawkins. The best part about prom and homecoming is the chance to search through Formal dresses and find the perfect one for you. Well another great part of course is doing your hair and makeup. The getting your hair done in elegant and stylish updo’s, applying fake lashes and that beautiful red lipstick.

But often times, as young girls and parents of young girls we don’t even know where to start. How do we find the right dress, how do we know what is going to be in style, and the list goes and on and on. And that is where I would like to help. I’ll get down to some great hairstyles and makeup looks for prom soon enough – but you always need to start with the right dress.

Start with Prom Girl.

promgirl is just like it says, a prom mega store. They have a vast selection of dresses from top designers, a way to check your sizes via measurements, sales, accessories and much more. But I know that still is leaving you stumped about where to begin when it comes to finding the perfect Prom dress this year. Well here is how to begin.

You need to get an idea of what type of dress you are wanting. Short. Long. Strapless. Halter. (You are getting my point right?) You need to think about dresses you’ve seen that you love and right down what you loved about them. Girls, enlist your mom, they can help you determine — what style would work with you. Mermaid. A-Line. Trumpet. (Following me?)

Mermaid gowns were popular in the 50’s and 60’s and have made appearances in the 2000’s. An Empire silhouette was popular quite a bit ago and even made appearances in the 20’s (Flapper) and 60’s.

If you are still unsure of length, necklines and silhouette and your mom is unsure too – do a simple google search or browse through the dresses at to see the differences. After you have an idea of what type of dress you want check out their Prom dresses 2012 category so you match what you wanting to what is in for this year!

And moms, I know that prom can see like an expensive night – but they only go to high school once. They can’t get these times and memories back and you know that even you once wanted to be the most beautiful girl at the dance! Let them go a bit overboard and spend sometime with them on this site – you will most definitely find something to make her heart sing!

And just in case you are an adult like me, in love with dressing up and looking pretty you can always go to a prom for adults like Junk Gypsy Prom!

Here are some of my favorite dresses I found at the site and hopefully it’ll help you out a bit in getting an idea of what you want to wear!

And remember, it’s all about making a statement! So go make yours!

One last thing before I go — has a fabulous Facebook page you need to connect with as once every month they have a Free Dress Giveaway!! So head over to Promgirl’s Facebook page, connect and enter the giveaway!!!!


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