Baked Ranch Chicken And Rice

Simple, tasty and easy recipes are the name of my game. I like to prepare meals that take little to no preparation and obviously still taste good. I know that a microwaved meal is the easiest, but I also know nutrition is also important. So I came up with this recipe (though I’m sure someone else has to..ha!) but here you go:

Baked Ranch Chicken And Rice
Recipe type: Dinner
A very simple and tasty recipe for baked ranch chicken with rice.
  • Large package of chicken breast (boneless skinless preferred)
  • 160z of sour cream
  • Olive Oil (about 1 tablespoon)
  • Ranch Dip Mix (Hidden Valley)
  • Package of your preference of rice
  1. Grab about a 13x9 dish and spread the olive oil on the bottom.
  2. Heat the oven to about 350 degrees (ish).
  3. Mix sour cream and ranch dip mix.
  4. Coat chicken on both sides with the mix and then place in pan. Any leftover of the mixture can go into the pan too.
  5. I bake it covered for about an hour (maybe). I kind of eyeball to see if it's finished and even slice open one of the large chicken breasts to make sure it's not pink inside.
  6. I let it cook uncovered for a little bit longer, only to get brown and not dry out.
  7. Then serve with rice.