Back To School

They are OFF.  Brodie was easy to drop off. I went over with her, her classroom number and she hopped out of the car with a wave.

We actually parked at the little kids’ school to show them where their classrooms were etc to be on the safe side. Tristan was much easier than we thought, she KNOWS her teacher because it was Dayton’s kindergarten teacher. Tristan ran to her teacher, gave her a hug then ran off to the playground without even a kiss or hug goodbye. I was a little happy about that but my heart was still a little broken. I wanted to hug her and kiss her and keep her my baby. But no longer is that the case.

With Dayton we walked to his classroom, met his teacher and walked him back to the playground. We both walked a little slower watching our kids play on the playground, growing up.

But as I sit here, the house is quiet.

I am blogging.

I am doing some cleaning.

Life is sweet.

dayton school

tristan school

brodie school

Later today I’ll try to show you last  years pics vs this years!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!