As Time Goes By

So the end of the school year is quickly approaching us. This year has truly gone by fast. I must admit though, part of it being Brent’s work schedule. When my life is based around 4-6 week increments, everything pasts by fast. I am helping Brent’s Mom and our Aunt Robyn plan for the family reunion in August, and as we were looking at the calendar, I started looking at the hitches Brent would be doing and before I knew it I had reached the month of December. It’s so scary. But at the end of Brent’s hitches I always have 2 weeks worth of Vacation to look forward to. It truly is a positive in our life. We spend great quality time together in those 2 weeks. And since I don’t work I get the little extra joys in life. Brent will let me sleep in, or stay up late, we watch movies, barbeque almost every night and just enjoy the kids.
Off track, as the school year nearly does close, I realize that Ms. Brodie will be done with 1st grade. I can’t believe she will be a 2nd grader next year. I can still remember 2nd grade. She’s growing up so quickly. Hell, I can still remember her birth like it was yesterday.

Many of people were under the assumption, considering I was 16, that Brodie was an unplanned pregnancy. Well I had already finished school, I hadn’t officially walked yet, but I was done with school. At the time I thought I wanted to be a paralegal, sometimes I toss around the idea, but now I see why most people take time off before starting school, You can never truly know what you want to be when you grow up. Off track again, I’m really bad about rambling if you haven’t noticed! Well, I had just met Brent, I was helping baby-sit Payson (Brent’s youngest brother who is about 17 months older than Brodie) and helping take care of Blan’s (Brent’s oldest brother and one of my best friends) girls. I believe Margen was 4 at the time and Mariah was 2. Of course now Margen is a teenager and it’s crazy to see her grow too. Anyway, being around Payson who was only 3-4 months old at the time, my internal baby meter hit the roof. Brent has a son from a previous relationship, our Austin, and he loved kids. So we collaborated and decided we wanted a baby. I realize it may have not been the wisest decision, being as we had nothing and were starting a family out of nowhere. We spent everyday since the day we met trying to figure out how we could run off and get married. And we only knew each other for a couple months! But I think it was in March I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. At first Brent and I were both a little taken a back. We didn’t expect to really happen to us! But it did and we went through it. We had a lot of ups and downs through the pregnancy. Brent was 21 when I got pregnant and I guess everyone expected him to run for the hills, but he still tells me to this day, he fell in love with me the minute he saw me. So he stuck it through and stuck by my side through it all.

On December 2nd, our Brodie Lynn was brought into this world. She was just perfect. A little bruised and beat up, but she was just gorgeous! Now looking back, a wouldn’t change a minute of my life. Brodie is definitely our drama queen but let me tell you she’s an amazing little girl.
When Brodie was born I think she came out talking. She has talked non stop since then and we use to play a game with her “Brodie if you don’t talk for 5 minutes we’ll buy you something” yeah she lasted all of 30 seconds at best. It was funny to watch her sit there trying to entertain herself so she wouldn’t talk. At the age of 1 she could sing “You are my sunshine” fully. It was the cutest damn thing in the world. At 2 she was able to count to at least 15, she new all her colors, shapes etc. She made funny comments like crossing her arms and saying “I’m sewious” or telling her cousin Grant “No pressure No pressure”. Her heart belonged to her Daddy since the minute she was born. She would rough house with him (and I’m talking to the point where I would have to leave the room because I was worried she would get hurt), she would watch sports with him, whatever he did she was there. When we would sleep at night, Brent and I would sleep next to each other and Brodie would come running in and squeeze her little butt right in between us. So Brent would jump on the other side of me and she would squeeze right in the middle of us again. She always had to have her B (her name for her blanket she’s had since she was born). She loved Winnie The Pooh and had to watch it every single day.

And now she’s growing out of Disney Princesses, though she is still uber obsessed with mermaids, she loves Hannah Montana, she has “boyfriends”, she’s made the “A” Honor Roll all year long, she loves cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and the color pink. She brushes her own hair every morning, brushes her teeth, checks herself out in the mirror longer than need be, sprays herself with girl perfumes, is wearing a 2 piece bathing suit, does front flips into the swimming pool and is almost a 2nd grader. She is very intelligent and independent. She’s got a true heart of gold but thinks she’s a princess. She is one amazing and beautiful little girl and I wouldn’t trade a moment of my life with her. We thank god for all three of our children.

Here’s a little slide show of Brodie growing up!