Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations

I made Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations at home. Here is why and how:

Tristan’s birthday was actually a couple months back but my intention was to blog about this sooner. Once again I had to create the birthday party from scratch just like I did with the others. Tristan was blessed with a really neat name (thanks to her Dad) Tristan Ace so we were able to play that into her party a bit too. She wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed party and creative (yeah right) me made the invitations using the theme and her name.

alice in wonderland invitations

I used plain printing paper. I opened up Microsoft Publisher and used their templates for half fold. I then used the font I chose from my computer (I think I found some on and typed her name and Wonderland. I also created the A with like an Arial font. I created the heart in Adobe Photoshop. I then looked at a regular playing card and created the playing card style with the A and heart.

Inside I made up my own style of wording resembling something the rabbit would say. (You can’t be late, You can’t be late for Tristan’s Important Date – type of thing.) For the back of the invitation I used scrapbooking card stock in various designs (such as what is pictured) and glued it to the back of them. I then rounded the edges of these invitations with a corner lever punch. And voila’ done.

alice in wonderland invitations

Another fun thing you can do is print pictures, think stills from the movie and add them into the invitation. Check out Snapfish Coupons before you do, so that you can save while making awesome birthday invites!

Like I said though, Tristan is lucky enough to have her middle name Ace so it was creative and fun to make these Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations. More to come on the cake and decorations soon!