Alaska’s Lakeshore Motor Inn

For the past six years my husband has been traveling back and forth to Anchorage (and farther for work in Alaska). When he reaches Anchorage he has to stay the night in a hotel before he boards another plane the next day. We were introduced to Lakeshore Motor Inn by his family and he has been staying there for six years. I think he stayed at another hotel once in those six years and I’m pretty sure he slept scared in a fetal position too.

This really isn’t a promotional piece and I can tell you straight out, they have NOT offered me a dime to write this. I am writing this because the employees (possibly the owners even, I’ve never been there so my facts are not entirely straight) are THE GREATEST people my family has encountered.  And to be even more honest, my husband LOVES this hotel. He refuses to stay anywhere else.


They have been the most affordable for us. I realize he hasn’t stayed anywhere else (other than the scary place) but we have done price comparison and truly, for the price it’s a great place to stay. It’s clean. Friendly. Convenient. Accommodating. Whenever I call to make his reservations, they know exactly who he is, what type of room he likes etc. I often get the jokes from them, “Oh that Greer. He’s the only one we don’t allow to stay with us”. And I always get, no matter who it is, “Alright, don’t worry we will take care of him”. On their site they have the following listed under accommodations:

lakeshore accomodations

And as much as I would love to go on and on about this amazing motel in Anchorage, I would feel too much like a salesperson. My true intent is to recommend a place to stay for those traveling to Anchorage and to thank them for their phenomenal service to my family in the past six years.