Alamo Rent A Car #GetToKnowAlamo

Alamo Rent A Car #GetToKnowAlamo

So it’s almost February, here in the state of Arizona that means that it’s almost Spring, Spring Break and WARMER weather. Hallelujah! There is nothing else this lady loves than some sun and spring break! OK I don’t exactly look forward to the kids terrorizing me for two solid weeks with their “boredom” but nonetheless – I can send them outside or we can actually go on a much needed road trip!

What are your plans for Spring Break? Maybe just a short road trip across the state or to a beach (take me with you)? If so let me help ya out a little with some information I got from Alamo! Let’s preface this though with you can use a rental car at any point…for instance when I decided to let my pretty blue SUV meet an ugly concrete median/curb….and I broke two rims and flattened two tires…I kind of needed to go to school and have a vehicle…low and behold…RENTAL CAR!!!


Alamo re-launched their website (Alamo Rent A Car) with their brand new Alamo Deal RetrieverSM system to make finding the best Alamo car rental deal more efficient and affordable for you and your family. The Alamo Deal Retriever searches all valid Alamo deals and coupons on the web to find the best rates to meet customers’ needs and instantly offers customers the best deals that apply to their upcoming trips.

To get to the Alamo Deal Retriever, just click “DEALS” on their home page (or follow this link) – to take a looksee yourself and try it out!

Here are some more details for you about the service-oriented Alamo site, Alamo Deal RetrieverSM, and the Alamo Insiders loyalty program:

  1. There are many unique, intuitive features on the new
    1. Smart auto-fill of locations when starting a reservation
    2. Second step of reservation now gives the ability to add additional items like a car seat
    3. You can add an upgrade easier than ever (step 4!)
    4. ‘See Your Savings’ – every step of the reservation process shows your savings thus far. We know you appreciate pricing transparency!
    5. ‘Trip Tracker’ – as an Alamo Insider, you can track your trips

Alamo Deal RetrieverSM is a new technology that will allow you to find the best Alamo deals very easily – it’s all about the deal, customized just for you!

If you join Alamo Insiders, you get a guaranteed additional 10% off or more

All you need to join Alamo Insiders is your full name, email address, and zip code – so simple!

Now also you should head over to Alamo Facebook Page to check that out and maybe submit some fun family road trip photos!!!!

Now for the best part of all of this….is the absolutely fun giveaway! Here is what you are winning:

alamo rent a car kit



DVD Player not included in image but IS included in prize pack! 


Get To Know Alamo Prize Pack ($206)

  • $50 AMEX Card
  • Kindle 6”
  • Colby 7” Portable DVD Player
  • Hasbro Travel Connect 4
  • Hasbro Travel Battleship
  • Alamo Lynx Sport Back
  • Alamo 10oz Wake-Up Coffee Mug
  • Alamo Carabineer Sanitizer with Moisture

Open to US Residents 18 & Over. Runs 1/31/13 to 2/14/13

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  1. We rented a car from Alamo when we went to Utah two years ago. The service was great

  2. I can’t recall a specific experience, but my family has rented from Alamo before and we’ve always been pleased with their cars and customer service.

  3. Alamo was great when it helped me get home after the 9/11 disaster. I’ll always remember them for that.

  4. Diana Stanhope says:

    Our car broke down on vacation a few years back and Alamo saved the whole trip with their fast reasonably priced service.

  5. kim burnett says:

    have always received great customer service with alamo!

  6. Adrienne gordon says:

    they are always very pleasant when we rent from them.

  7. My sister used to work for Alamo and she said they were a great employer.

  8. I would LOVE to win this!!!!!

  9. Deb Anderson says:

    My car broke down in another city and had to be left for several days for repairs. Alamo to the rescue!

  10. They upgraded me the one time I rented from them 🙂

  11. A friend and I rented from Alamo years ago when we were travelling. The car we got gave us trouble right away, but they traded it for us without any issue and the car they gave us was great. They have good customer service.

  12. We’ve never rented a car yet but may be using them in March!!

  13. Margaret Smith says:

    Last summer, while visiting my Dad in So. Carolina, we rented a car from Alamo. We were very happy with the price, compared to other nearby car rental places and the service and car were great.

  14. We rented in FL and opted to upgrade to a new Camaro – it made our long weekend unforgettable!

  15. My cousin flew in to visit us. The transmission went while driving to the airport to meet him and his family. I was very upset. All the tourist places we were going to visit would be missed without our van. He went to Alamo and rented a van and we were all back in business.

  16. I rented a vechile online from Alamo in Pittsburgh at the airport. After many delays I finally arrived there at 1:00. I was very weary and almost in tears. The counter person couldn’t have been more helpful and kind.

  17. Katherine says:

    I have never had the opportunity to use ALAMO

  18. Lori Walker says:

    I’ve always had pleasant service.

  19. Racy Copley says:

    we just rented a car from Alamo last weekend and everything was great!

  20. Ive never gotten a rental from them

  21. Jessica F says:

    I used Alamo for work recently… great service and nothing else to say! That’s how you always want it 🙂

  22. Stephanie V. says:

    rented a car up north with Alamo and was great experience – so easy even traveling with a car seat!

  23. I never have rented a car from them, but have heard from others that they are good.

  24. Jessie C. says:

    Hubby had great experience with Alamo while on his business trip, Alamo has great rate and service, very impressive.

  25. I received fantastic customer service and no problems the one time I rented with Alamo.

  26. I had to rent one for a week, because a elderly woman hit my car. They were really nice about it.

  27. Sue Ellison says:

    We had reserved a mid-size car from Alamo and when we arrived they upgraded us to a full size luxury car at no extra charge-love them!

  28. Cynthia C says:

    I’ve rented from Alamo in the past with no problems.

  29. Ann Fantom says:

    I rented from Alamo when we visited New Orleans. We got a clean car at a great price. We were very pleased with our experience with Alamo

  30. Wild Orchid says:

    We used them last year during a trip to AZ. Great customer service and everything went smoothly!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  31. Laura Jacobson says:

    A few years ago, our plans feel thru for our vacation due to a sick child, and they were so nice and moved our dates no problem!

  32. Sarah Hirsch says:

    we rented from alamo in las vegas and everything went very smoothly

  33. April Brenay says:

    We used them when we went to Orlando on vacation, it was really easy and they were very military friendly

  34. Amanda Hoffman says:

    never rented a car through them but if i do rent one ill go through them

  35. Natasha Hudnall says:

    I was calling around for price quotes to get a car for a trip we ended up not being able to take. The customer service was awesome!

  36. We just used Alamo when we went to Hawaii this December. They were just so awesome- everyone was great at the rental place! We loved our car and couldn’t imagine an easier experience!

  37. I’ve never rented from Alamo, so I guess you can say I’ve never had a bad experience with them 🙂

  38. Barbara Montag says:

    I haven’t had any personal experience with Alamo but my sis has.
    She spoke highly of them – thank you.

  39. Tracy L Davis says:

    I received an upgrade once

  40. I’ve only rented once from Alamo but it was a very positive experience.

  41. I have never use them

  42. I don’t think we’ve ever used them.

  43. Marcia Goss says:

    It has been a long time since I rented from Alamo, but I remember having a great car and great customer service. No complaints!

  44. Lisa Brown says:

    We rents a car to drive to Oregon and it was a good experience. The CSRs were friendly, car clean.

  45. My sister and I rented from Alamo when we visited our uncle last year and loved the car and the great service and their friendly employees

  46. easy to wotk with

  47. Haven’t used Alamo yet, but maybe our next vacation.

  48. Brandon Dithrich says:

    Never used alamo but they are probably awesome!

  49. saminder gumer says:

    i have not rented from alamo in a while, but when i did i remember it being pretty easy to pick up and return the car with a minimal wait.

  50. Tabathia B says:

    It’s been over several years since renting from them but I remember that I wasn’t happy with Enterprise and went to alamo and they matched the price and found me the vehicle that I wanted for my large family

  51. Erica Best says:

    i have never used it

  52. I’ve never had any complaints with Alamo.

  53. We rented with Alamo on Vacation and it all went smoothly – no complaints

  54. We left a CD in the CD player when we rented an Alamo car once and they mailed it to us when we got home! Very pleased with their customer service!

  55. soha molina says:

    we used alamo once and they took great care of us.

  56. Mary Calabrese says:

    Alamo has always had my car ready and waiting when I need it.

  57. Tracy Robertson says:

    I never used Alamo, but reading all of this good stuff about them will definitely make me consider them next time!

  58. Sonya Morris says:

    I have never needed to rent a car.

  59. courtney b says:

    i rented a car about 3 years ago- great customer service

  60. A few years back, my husband and I were traveling with a couple of cranky kids. We were on our way to crankiness ourselves after a long, hot plane right. When we arrived at Alamo, the agent was so helpful. He was patient with a couple of frazzled people and helped us to get a car that would suit our needs. Great experience.

  61. Ashley Hatten says:

    Love Alamo, rented w/ them last year when we went to Disney! I am already a Alamo insider! THANKS!

  62. I have not used their service~but I know a friend that did and she loved them!

  63. Kyl Neusch says:

    got a free upgrade

  64. Josh Nicholls/Mr Nerve Damage says:

    Great service and swapped the car fast when it had problems!

  65. Mary Happymommy says:

    We rented a car with Alamo years ago and it was a positive experience, no problems at all.

  66. I rented a car from them once and everything went very smoothly!


  68. Brandi Hopper says:

    I’ve only rented with Alamo once, but I was a grat experience.

  69. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    Rented a car to go to Texas – Good experience – no issues

  70. Rented a car when we went to Las Vegas and had no problems.

  71. nice would love to win

  72. Used alamo on vacation and got a discounted rate/upgrade just for asking!

  73. great cars and service at alamo

  74. They have better service than the other rental car places

  75. No issues with the car and the service is great.

  76. ELIZABETH C. says:

    Rented from Alamo to drive to Delaware for a few days! They took care of us. Went well !!

  77. linda brooks says:

    Ive never used Alamo, but they seem great.

  78. My company has used them — and we’ve always had great experience!

  79. I rented a car a few years back and they gave great service.

  80. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I always use Alamo on vacation because they are the quickest of all the agencies,,,,and consistently

  81. Elizabeth says:

    never had the opportunity to deal with Alamo

  82. Alamo always has good deals on rental cars

  83. Debra Guillen says:

    I have heard good things about Alamo but have never had an experience with them

  84. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I haven’t rented personally but my family has and they were pleased

  85. caitlin tate says:

    great prices

  86. I always received great customer service.

  87. Great rental in Colorado

  88. Katherine Donovan says:

    I have never used Alamo but people say they are great!

  89. kelly nicholson says:

    Leave a comment about a positive experience with Alamo!

    never rented before..maybe one day

  90. Jennifer G says:

    They have quick service

  91. great service

  92. Rich Hicks says:

    We used them last summer and everything went smoothly.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  93. We have never rented a car form Alamo but maybe on this years vacation we will.

  94. Susan Christy says:

    I retired from the travel business six years ago. When that was my career, I dealt with Alamo a lot. Many times a day, every single day. I have zero horror stories. Now the other guys…I could go on and on, they are so stuck in my memory. Hooray for Alamo’s great customer service!!!!!

  95. We rented a car on our trip in Las Vegas. It was a great experience!

  96. Never had any problems.

  97. Thomas Poti says:

    Remember the Alamo!

  98. I also have never used Alamo but have heard good things from family members.

  99. jose benavides says:

    we rented from alamo and the customer service was great a couple of years ago

  100. Kristy thiel says:

    Alamo came and picked up my car when it was broken down!

  101. I used Alamo and they were very helpful in getting me the best discount. Nice customer service!

  102. There website is easy to use!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  103. I used Alamo during a 2-week stay in Houston—it was a great experience!

  104. amelia hayes says:

    Alamo is one of my favorite companies to rent with. Never had a problem.

  105. We always use Alamo!

  106. Hope I win!!

  107. We used Alamo a few years ago when we went to Florida and they were great. They were quick and friendly.

  108. got a free upgrade

  109. krystal wethington says:

    customer service is great

  110. ronnie horton says:

    they always make you feel like they care

  111. christal c willdebbie says:

    I have never had an experience with Alamo, does that mean I can not enter the giveaway? Hope not
    willdebbie97 at yahoo dot com

  112. I haven’t had to rent a card but I will consider them when I do.

  113. I have rented from Alamo before and the cars are always so clean and smell good!

  114. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    we rented from Alamo when we went to NYC it was great!

  115. Thomas Murphy says:

    I rented a car from alamo and everything went great!

  116. i am always able to find decent prices with alamo (lower than others!)

  117. Debbie ritenour says:

    We used alamo a few years back when our blazer was in the shop and it was a very easy transaction!

  118. steve weber says:

    rented a car from Alamo last summer and they gave us a free upgrade!

  119. Never used them but my aunt did after her car broke down. They were great!

  120. Steve Stone says:

    wife uses all the time for dog shows. always good and cheap

  121. Stephanie says:

    We have always had a good experience when we rented from Alamo. I love that they tend to have some of the closer lot locations too.

  122. Dwayne Berry says:

    My Dad and I used Alamo on one of our baseball trips one time and they were extremely friendly and fast. I’d highly recommend them.

  123. We rented with them on our honeymoon, awesome!

  124. melissa Resnick says:

    We rented a car from Alamo when we went FL it was great

  125. Susan Ladd says:

    Alamo has great prices and clean cars in Bufflo, New York. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!

  126. stephanie says:

    there cars are always nice and clean!

  127. I remember using Alamo on my trip to California and how they really worked with me.

  128. Cody Anderson says:

    I traveled to Montana for business and had a problem-free rental with them.

  129. No experiences thus far, but some day I’m sure!!

  130. pam saighman says:

    have never rented from alamo before

  131. Samantha Randall says:

    My husband and I were stranded in Texas once. I was 6 months pregnant and very hot. They were so helpful to us getting a car to us so we could get home.

  132. i rented from the years ago and was very pleased with how easy it was.

  133. tamara serrao says:

    we just used alamo last month in Las Vegas, they are great!!!

  134. Kim Kihega says:

    We have rented from Alamo in the past, and now that’s the only rental we use!

  135. Rented a car for our trip to Florida and it was a fantastic experience!

  136. Lorena Keech says:

    We’d reserved a compact car but Alamo didn’t have one on the lot. So we got an SUV at the price of the car we reserved.

  137. JIM LYNAM says:


  138. merry partridge says:

    car made it with on trouble

  139. Last time we rented with Alamo, the car was super clean and purred like a kitten. Got a great rate too.

  140. WE rented a car last summer from alamo and got a great deal and a very nice deal too.

  141. Jennifer B. says:

    I rented a car the day after my birthday. We were traveling in the mountains of New Mexico, and I was nervous about the winding roads. The nice clerk at the Alamo counter upgraded me to a full-size SUV. That kindness eased my mind about the driving.

  142. I’ve used Alamo before, it’s been a while.

  143. Kathleen Downes says:

    I rented a car from them several years ago for a drive from Oregon to Nevada. Great service.

  144. Sue Barney says:

    I had a great experience renting a car to go to my sons State Baseball tournament, Great car and Great service Thx 🙂

  145. we rented from Alamo before and never had any complaints

  146. I’ve never used them but I will keep Alamo in mind next time I need a car and am traveling!

  147. Alamo has always been very reliable and friendly

  148. I’ve never tried them…will next time!

  149. Rented before and had no issues. Easy transaction in the airport.

  150. I love the customer service I receive at Alamo

  151. Several years ago on vacation we rented an Alamo car and it was clean and ran great and the rental experience was positive!

  152. they have the best customer service, i always rent cars form them when ever i need one.

  153. casey everidge says:

    ive never used the, but ive heard good things

  154. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Alamo Was There For My Family When We Needed A Car To Travel Out Of State For A Wedding !:)

  155. Alamo has fair prices and great customer service.

  156. misses giveaways says:

    I have never used their service

  157. Alamo is great to rent from. Always my go to company.

  158. Raymon Sherrell says:

    I didn’t have many trips as a child but I do remember the couple that we did take and we used Alamo car service and the cars where always great. Although my brothers and I made a mess in them, we still had fun on our car trips. Thanks Alamo!!

  159. Derrick C. says:

    I used Alamo for my trip to Port Aransas the service was great , the people friendly and I would recommend them to anyone!

  160. Jennifer Lachman says:

    We rented from Alamo to visit my sister at school. It was a fun trip and the car ran great with no problems. Very Clean.

  161. Alamo has a great pricing

  162. Brandi Price says:

    Never had an experience with them as we never rent cars but I would check them out in a heartbeat if we ever do from the reviews I have read!

  163. I recently went out of town with my husband to see if a job transfer would work for our family, and we rented from alamo! It was last minute and we were short on time, but the employees were great and worked with us!

  164. Linda Lansford says:

    I have never used Alamo

  165. I can’t say that we’ve ever used the services of Alamo but I would love to give them a try.

  166. Ronda Patrick says:

    I have never had an experience with Alamo, but would like to!

  167. Jill Myrick says:

    I am a member but have never went far enough from home to rent a car as yet.


  168. Hesper Fry says:

    I have never had to rent-a-car, but I have heard very good things about Alamo.

  169. Joni Mason says:

    Honestly, I’ve never rented from Alamo. I’ve never rented from any car company.
    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  170. My brother rented a car from Alamo while visiting us last month. worked out great!!!

  171. I’ve never rented a car, but I’ve heard good things about them

  172. I haven’t rented from them but my dad did and got good service

  173. We have never used Alamo, or any rental service for that matter.

  174. I have never used Alamo before, but from all the good comments I should give it a try!

  175. Gennie Lancaster says:

    We always use Alamo because they have the best deals and great customer service!

  176. Melissa VandenBerg says:

    They are just a great overall company. Always willing to go the extra step for customers.

  177. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I don’t think i’ve ever used them

  178. kathy whitney says:

    I have never had a chance to use them. But I have heard good things about the company.

  179. I used Alamo when my daughter and I went to San Francisco and that was one of the best vacations of my life…our Alamo car took us to the Muir woods, and Monterey Bay 🙂

  180. James Beck says:

    never used them

  181. THomas Chappell says:

    It has been a while but i remember all of the people being extremely nice

  182. Alamo was great. Customer service was exceptional and car was clean and ran!

  183. We rented an Alamo van for moving and it was a great experience with no problems.

  184. Invaluable when I was on a business trip, great service

  185. I am impressed by the commercials, but I have never had a reason to rent a car.

  186. ellen beck says:

    My husband and I used Alamo when we visited his Aunt. Thgeir cars were clean and the staff super nice.

  187. dani marie says:

    rented a car for a trip to vegas. super easy and so much better than riding in our truck.

  188. It has been several years ago since I rented a car from Alamo and everything went very well.

  189. great service at Alamo

  190. I’ve never used Alamo.

  191. Their shuttle drivers in Miami made us laugh!

  192. amy deeter says:

    they have great service

  193. Derek Timm says:

    I have not use Alamo before.

  194. Melanie Montgomery says:

    ive never used them

  195. I haven’t rented a car from Alamo, but I will in the future!

  196. Rebecca Peters says:

    I have never rented a car before

  197. Angela Cisco says:

    I have actually never rented a car

  198. We often use Alamo, and it’s always quick and easy!

  199. richelle bowers says:

    i don’t have any experiences with them

  200. I used Alamo on a recent trip to Grand Rapids and I had a perfect experience – courteous customer service agents, a smooth ride, and no waiting at either pick-up or return!

  201. Lisa Garner says:

    Alamo has some of the best rental prices.

  202. Used them for our honeymoon, and it was an awesome experience. Any travels in the future will definitely be through them as well!

  203. My husband and I went on a weekend getaway to Vegas and rented a car from Alamo. We have nothing but good to say about the whole experience. The customer service was great, the car just right, and we will happily rent from Alamo again.

  204. i like money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and alamo

  205. wendy rozema says:

    they have great customer service!!

  206. Tiffany Myers says:

    Alamo always has friendly service and a knowledgeable staff!

  207. Nancy Sloan says:

    I always rent from Alamo they have the best prices!

  208. Katie Roch says:

    I have never had an experience with Alamo but their rates always seem to be competitive.

  209. Tonya Dean says:

    I’ve never rented a car but I hear they are great!


  210. Ed Nemmers says:

    Always courteous and prompt service!

  211. Leslie Galloway says:

    I’ve only used Alamo once, but the person behind the counter was very pleasant, and our car was ready quickly.

  212. I checked out their web site recently and it was super easy to use!

  213. We rented an Alamo car once and their customer service rep was really helpful and treated us like friends instead of customers.

  214. I’ve never used Alamo….there’s a first time for everything.

  215. Stacey Cockrell says:

    We rented from Alamo when we went to Colorado. The staff was very helpful.

  216. HeidiFaith says:

    My family used Alamo to rent a car last time we were in Orlando. We accidentally rented the wrong size car and didn’t notice until we got down there. Thankfully the nice people at Alamo were able to get us a bigger car without a hassle.

  217. I love that they pick you up!

  218. Danielle Wood says:

    I’ve never used them

  219. John Hutchens says:

    used Alamo at christmas they were dreat fast and easy pickup and drop off

  220. I haven’t used Alamo yet, but I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for the future!

  221. I haven’t had any experience at all with Alamo – I’ve only rented a car once and that choice was up to my insurance carrier. So I have no positive or negative experience with Alamo.

  222. Matt Harmon says:

    Awesome service!

  223. Alamo delivered when Budget tried bait and switch and proposed to rip me off.

  224. We have used Alamo and had a positive experience

  225. Russell Moore says:

    I usually get an upgrade, and the cars never smell like cigarettes. What more can you ask?

  226. susan glazer says:

    i use alamo all the time. all my experiences with them have been positive. their staff is always friendly and helpful. they’ve even had umbrellas for me when it was raining. love alamo!!

  227. Brittney House says:

    I never used them but I would love to try them with my next trip

  228. I used Alamo last year in Sacramento. They were excellent with customer service. My car was ready when I arrived and they had me out the door in my rental car within 15 minutes.

  229. I’ve actually never used Alamo! But since I’ve not had the BEST experiences with competitors, they’d probably be a good choice!

  230. Michelle W says:

    We rented from Alamo during a trip to California, great company

  231. Tracy Allen says:

    Alamo really helped get us back on our way when US Air stranded us with no hope

  232. Judy Estrin says:

    Rented from Alamo while visiting Las Vegas last year. Great service.

  233. Renting a car from them is an easy process!

  234. A family vacation to Disneyland using an Alamo car….nice. 🙂 Thank you.

  235. They provided great service while I was visiting family out of state.

  236. we rented from them for a christmas trip in 2002(03?) no probs, great car, and I believe the price was good, too.

  237. sweepspetey says:

    I’d love to drive to the Alamo (rental center)!

  238. I’ve never rented a car.
    Thanks for the contest.

  239. jen gersch says:

    I rented from Alamo when in California, great customer service

  240. Aaron Bretveld says:

    I’ve never rented from Alamo at all but my brother has had nothing but good experiences with them when he’s used them on vacation.

  241. Shannon vollmer says:


  242. Denise Donaldson says:

    I have never used Alamo, but they have great prices!

  243. We rented a vehicle for vacation and it broke down near our destination point. We called Alamo and in no time at all they had a replacement vehicle to us, they helped us move everything to the new vehicle and gave us a discount for our trouble. They also called the destination for us to let them know we’d be late, saving a lot of worry on that end. Fantastic customer service, wonderful staff!

  244. tracey byram says:

    I have no experience with Alamo.

  245. My car is great for in-town kind of stuff, but it’s not really reliable for longer trips, so for them I usually rent a car. Alamo has yet to disappoint.

  246. Sheila Hickmon says:

    We rented a car with them about 3 years ago and the customer service was great!

  247. Christina R. says:

    I got in a really bad car accident about 8 months ago , luckily I came out with only a few bumps and bruises, but me car was totaled. Alamo gave me the best price for a nice stylish rental plus an extra weekly discount for every week I rented the car.

  248. amy delong says:

    have not used them,will try them next time I am in need of that service

  249. I rented a car for work from Alamo and the whole experience was smooth from checking the car out to dropping it off!

  250. Coriander Warren says:

    I have never used and service from Alamo, but I’ve read great things about them!

  251. Alamo is always great. Always a fast and pleasant experience. Highly suggest using them if you need to rent a car!

  252. I rented a car through them once for a road trip and the experience was good.

  253. the desk person at the airport is always so friendly when we’ve used them in the past- that is my favorite part!

  254. Most cars that I have rented have been on business trips and they have been with companies that were contracted with the federal government. Do not remember that they were ever Alamo, so can’t say that I have any real experience with them. Have enjoyed some of their commercials though!

  255. I know many people that have rented from them and were very happy with their experiences!

  256. Susan Smith says:

    We rented a car from Alamo last Summer and had a great experience,

  257. Nicole Newby says:

    My parents rented a car from Alamo before, they had no complaints.

  258. Melissa Cadle says:

    Great prices and reliable!


  260. I have had good service from Alamo before.

  261. andrea howard says:

    i just rented when in NorCal and picked a findley fiat. good experience, nice transaction but the fiat is an awful car! lol

  262. I rented from Alamo when we were moving to Houston, TX and I came down to find a house. It was a cute white Mazda3 that was really fun to drive!

  263. They have always been very friendly and provided good service.

  264. kathy pease says:

    we rented one on vacation once and it was a pleasant ride and experience

  265. When I used to travel, Alamo was the car rental place I went to. Never had any bad experiences with them, and they were always friendly. Thanks.

  266. We have never used them

  267. I’ve never rented from Alamo.

  268. I’m always renting from Alamo when I go out of town. They have good service and are always friendly and helpful. Why switch when you’re happy?

  269. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I have never used Alamo yet. But its sound like a great rental car company. I will have to look in renting a car from them when I need one in the future.

  270. jules mcnubbin says:

    i havent ever rented a car, at least not yet.

  271. I have never rented from Alamo.

  272. i rented a car from them once on a trip it wa a pleasant experience no problems

  273. I haven’t had a chance to try them but I’d love to for a trip

  274. Tanya Bartlett says:

    Rented a car in Florida for a vacation and had a great experience with Alamo

  275. Lisa Canada says:

    We haven’t needed a rental car yet but we’d be interested in trying them when we do!

  276. mary reynolds says:

    I had to take an unexpected trip from CT to FL a few years ago. Alamo had the best prices, friendly workers, and got me to and from the airport in a timely manor. Would certainly use them again

  277. Stephanie Guy says:

    I have rented with Alamo Rent a Car several time while on vacation in Florida. Always good prices and always clean vehicles. Plus I never feel just like another “person.” They make every transaction very simple. Thank you for the opportunity.

  278. mary renshaw says:

    Alamo is wonderful! Always have a car ready and directions and even a car seat!!!!

  279. My mom rented from Alamo on a family vacation once and the car was great and it was a quick & painless experience. Thanks! hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  280. great prices and great customer service when ive needed it

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  281. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    Alamo was out of the medium car I had reserved and upgraded me to luxury car at no additional charge

  282. They are always pleasant to deal with when we rent from them!

  283. The company my hubby works for uses Alamo when they are on business trips. He says they are fantastic to deal with.

  284. Michelle S says:

    I have never used them..yet.

  285. Kari Flores says:

    The upgraded my car for no increase in price because they had an excess of the better vehicles.

  286. Alyssa DeRosa says:

    My boyfriend used Alamo a couple of months ago when his car was out of commission for a couple of days. Reliable company with great prices!

  287. cheryl bowman says:

    Used Alamo when we went to Vegas very good service. quick.

  288. One time alamo did not have the car I reserved, but they gave me an even better car right away. Great service!

  289. mary gardner says:

    we have rented cars from them on a few occasions and have had great service

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  290. We rented with Alamo years ago when we went to visit my sister and her husband is Vancouver, Washington. They gave us a great rate , were very friendly, and upgraded us at no extra charge.

  291. Alamo has friendly employees who make it easy to rent a car. We used them in Florida

  292. Never rented a car but used to work for Avis, lol

  293. sarah keel says:

    i have never had the opportunity to use alamo, but after reading all the good reviews, if i ever need i will.

  294. Brad Merrell says:

    Rented a great car in LA

  295. susan smoaks says:

    i haven’t ever rented from alamo before but i have heard good things about them

  296. My brother actually managed an Alamo in So Cal for many years- he loved it and we always got the best hook ups. Never know what you have until it’s gone!

  297. Harriett Daniel says:

    We have not rented a car from ALAMO yet. They are not local.

  298. Kelly Britton says:

    We’ve never used Alamo, but love their commercials. 🙂

  299. I don’t rent cars often so I’ve never tried them, but in the future, I will look into alamo.

  300. Mary Cloud says:

    I’ve never tried them but I would if I needed to
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  301. cassandra mccann says:


  302. I have not rented from them before, but I have not heard any bad experiences about them, so that is a good experience in itself!

  303. I rented a car from Alamo to go to a meeting once and while passing a mower, it threw up a rock and damaged the paint on the car! I was totally freaked out and worried, but when the car was returned the agent was so nice and there were no problems at all.

  304. We rented a car from Alamo on our last vacation and had a great experience.

  305. They always have fast and friendly service.

  306. I’ve only rented a car from them once, but it was a good experience. Thanks for this contest!

  307. I’ve never used them before.

  308. They upgraded my vehicle the last time I rented from them.

  309. Had to have a rental when our car was in the shop for 4 days, the process of renting through Alamo was easy and quick!

  310. The Alamo people have always seemed very friendly.

  311. Buddy Garrett says:

    I haven’t used Alamo. They are not close to my location. We only have another rental agency.

  312. Laurie Emerson says:

    In November of the year before last we went to LA for the first time. The person at Alamo not only helped us choose the most economical car but also spent a long time telling us about some of the best places to eat and stay at which were all good and also affordable.

  313. Thanks for the giveaway…we rented last fall @ Miami; good customer service, no problems !

  314. Michelle Tucker says:

    My only experience with renting a car was with Alamo. They were great. Even picked me up from my place of employment!

  315. I traveled a lot as a new intern, and Alamo was great in San Antonio…and strange, too.

  316. Customer service excellence!

  317. Marcy Strahan says:

    In 1998 I was in a wreck & rent a car from Alamo. I had a flat & they brought me another car on the spot & the guy stay with the car with a flat & drove it back. I was brought another car within 20 minutes. They were awesome.

  318. I’ve never rented from Alamo before

  319. We rented with Alamo a few years back while on vacation. The service was great and without any problems.

  320. Vikki Billings says:

    I love Alamo because every time I have used them I have been treated wonderfully and they are very professional.

  321. We rented a car from Alamo on our last vacation and was happy with their service.

  322. Aimee Fontenot says:

    I’ve never used Alamo, but I’ve heard good things.

  323. julie hawkins says:

    On our hawaii trip we got a rental from alamo. great car, great service!

  324. Sarah Harding says:

    Have not yet rented from Alamo but sounds like an idea for our trip next month

  325. crystal allen says:

    we used alamo when we visited walt disney world. it was easy, quick and affordable.