After move blues

Now that we are settled and the boxes, bag etc are unpacked. I am almost at a loss as to what to do next.

Another bad part to moving 5 bagillion times, or more, or less.

You get so excited for the move, as I was. I was ready to find nooks, crannies, cabinet and closet space to put my stuff. I could not wait to get into a house with real water pressure. A real backyard for my dogs to run and play. Even though they fight often too. Silly animals. A real neighborhood for my kids to meet other kids and make new friends. I could not wait to put Brodie in a school were she had more opportunities available to her academically. I could not wait to have real carpet to walk on and vacuum. I love the lines that the vacuum cleaner makes, it’s fabulous.

Then we moved in. And the excitement grew even more. I started unpacking each box methodically, placing each item in the exact space. I washed all the clothes in my laundry room, folded them and put them away promptly in their own little place. OH how sweet it was! I set up my office area, ready to tackle the files and stack of papers that awaited me. I hung pictures on the walls, the many, many walls I finally had. Then I was tired, exhausted. So I slinked, oh that’s a lie, I ran straight into my bathroom. I walked into my shower and found my sanctuary. The hot water did not pour over me, it slammed into me. SA WEE T!!! I spent my time on each part of the house, savoring every bit of it. I wanted to put everything away, so I could fully clean my brand new house.

Now everything is put away. The dishes are stacking up once again, waiting, while I blog, to be put in the dishwasher. There is a couple loads of laundry waiting to be washed, one waiting to be dried and the other needing to be put up. The girl rooms are clean, smelling sweetly. Dayton’s room is back to looking as if a small sized tornado ripped through. The carpet has been vacuumed, no denying that. The tile has not been swept or mopped and the counters need a good dose of bleach. The yard is watered and mowed.

With this all being done. With this all being not done. It’s routine again. Brodie gets up and goes to school. Brent gets up and makes us breakfast. I blog, I check emails, I clean. Occassionally I run to friend houses, or my Mom’s. But it’s all routine. The newness is fading. The hype is going bye bye.

So you are left with the after the move blues. You were on this high, to move, to clean, to organize. And then you realize, it’s just part of life. An extra week or two of hype, then back to routine again.


Maybe, before bulk trash day, I should pack a couple boxes just to unpack them again?!

In the words of my three year old nephew, “Probably Not”.



  1. blueviolet says:

    I can totally relate to that feeling. I’ve been stuck here for a while so I’d kinda forgotten that moving high. It’s the best. I love moving. Call me crazy but I do!

  2. Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish says:

    Hey sissy, totally love the cute layout. Is that a 3-column? Have to have the 3 column like what I have and what you have….let me know. Totally love it! Oh, plan on sending the boy over the week of the 16th, G is on spring break so the boys can play and spend the night all week if you want. Lemme know! LOVE YA! Glad you had fun.

  3. The Retired One says:

    Congrats on having your move over with..I know you were worried sbout it! Now, as far as having the “high” over about it?: Hmmm…maybe it is time for another baby? Ok, stop laughing!

  4. Jennifer says:

    We moved several times so I know exactly what you are describing.