Acne Treatment Tip

I told y’all that I was going to post about acne treatments as much as possible and as soon I learn about them. The other day at school our zone (class) was able to go into the retail lounge of our school and shop for products. We were also able to ask a million question and get more familiar with the products. I decided to head straight for the Dermalogica products. I was looking at their products wondering if they had anything similar to the Mario Badescu product I have been using and love.

I couldn’t find a specific product so I decided to ask my educator some questions about acne and get more input on acne products. We talked and talked about the various Dermalogica products as well as our routine. And we finally came up with a couple acne treatment tips that I haven’t really mentioned before. So here they are.


1. Change your pillow case.

My educator and I both recommend doing this nightly. Yeah it seems a bit silly and a lot of laundry BUT think about you laying your hair (products etc), sweating and whatever else on that pillow case and then lying your face in it. Seems a bit disgusting. I was doing it weekly but I am going to change that up now and see what happens.


2. Less is more sometimes.

Think about your skin care routine. Don’t you think maybe your skin might appreciate a night or so off? Change up your routine and try using a gentle wash and gentle moisturizer a couple times a week to give your skin a break from all the harsh chemicals and treatments it has been getting.


Try those two things and see if it makes a difference!


  1. Good call on the pillow case. Or put a hand towel on your pillow. Those might be easier to change and launder frequently if you’re like us and only have a few sets of sheets that get laundered weekly.