There is so much to tell you about The Mining family here it’s quite ridiculous.

First off read 100 Things about us to get you started.

The Miner’s Wife was once The Greer 5…quite awhile ago. But as life presses forward, I discovered so should my blog. The Greer 5 was my training wheels, my learning curve and the run of the mill blog and stories of my younger children. Life got busy as my children grew older and I found myself going to beauty school. My blog’s taking a back seat to everything else in life.

And then last year, May of 2013 – my three kids and I found ourselves becoming road warriors. We drove to Waco, Texas for a week and back. Then with The Miner we drove all the way to Yellville, Arkansas and back in 4 four days. Two week later I was headed to a wedding outside of Chicago, Illinois and the kids were being deposited with their grandparents in Yellville, Arkansas. It was a long incredible journey stopping at all the most amazing places.

Finally in October of 2013 – I made every single arrangement and plan….we packed our family up and drove all the Pacific Coast Highway straight to Seattle, Washington. I dropped The Miner and the tiny Miner’s off at the airport and continued my journey all across Canada to Alaska. And that is where you will find us now. But here is a look back at where we used to be:

Brittany Greer spent 16 years of her life in Arizona up until she met, Brent (Mr. Greer). Right away they fell in love and wanted to run off and get eloped. Instead they gave birth in 12/2000 to a beautiful girl, Brodie. Not much longer Brittany and Brent with baby in tow, packed up and headed South. To the surprise of everyone, including Brittany, Brittany fell in love with Texas. If you ask her now, she is from Texas. Her southern accent often comes through in speech to prove it. In 2003 the threesome welcomed baby number 2, Dayton. They felt life couldn’t be more complete. After experiencing much hardship from starting a family young, in April 2005, Brent got a life changing job offer. Brittany was eight months pregnant with their youngest daughter, Tristan and off Brent went to work in Alaska doing six week hitches and coming home for two. May of 2005 brought Tristan and the decision to not have anymore children. They were The Greer 5.  In between the time of three kids, a husband and life, Brittany attended college. She wanted to be a paralegal and then a sociologist. Brittany’s dreams are every changing but her passion for writing hasn’t.

In 2006, Brent and Brittany finally, tied the knot. And two years later this blog was born. Brittany’s true final baby.

The Greer 5 blog has many purposes. A way for Brittany to share her life’s stories from three kids, a husband working in Alaska, living in her beloved Texas, moving from place to place to just stories about Brittany being a woman. It’s served as a way for her family and friends to stay updated. It’s served as a way for Brittany to express the many thoughts in her head. It serves as a way for Brittany to learn about; companies, products, services and much more and then share with the readers of The Greer 5.

Ultimately The Greer 5 blog is Brittany’s home base in a community(the internet). She strives to bring awareness, knowledge and more to herself and her readers. A community is about sharing and Brittany does not lack in the sharing – from product reviews, giveaways and willing to be a mom ambassador for a company.

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