A whoops kind of moment

I am one of “those” parents that are lenient with my kids. Well not entirely lenient, but it’s best to say you can’t fit me into a specific box. (Dammit!) But I let my kids watch and listen to a variety of things. Including my kind of music. I try to avoid songs that can make a sailor cringe with their overzealous employment of “bad words”. (I implore you not to click those two previous links unless you are a-ok with frightening examples of tons of cursing and taboo imagery.) My kids know not to say certain adult words (our reference to bad words) and I often find myself asking them what S word when they are referring to someone saying it. Stupid and shut up are bad words in our house you see. Either way. I digress. I avoid those songs when we are in the car etc. I normally use my taste of entertainment as a teaching tool. My kids love to watch Law & Order (SVU & CI) with me. While the topics they cover can be of a sensitive nature, my kids are pretty logical. If they ask you something, for instance dear Brodie asked me a couple months back what a condom was (eeek), I explained it in a very clinical way. She was perfectly fine with it. I try to keep the lines of communication constantly open with my children. They are NEVER afraid to talk to me about things. Or anyone else for that matter. But that is a whole other blog post for a whole other day. But you needed a bit of a back story.

So here I was driving along yesterday going to help my sister move and listening to my tunes. I was on the I-10 and I get all wired in and nervous driving my truck in traffic. I turn my music on and concentrate. I’m really not sure why. Either way.

A song came on my Blackberry.

One I enjoy.

One I prefer not to use as a communication situation with them.

One about….

patron tequila

And no it’s not about Patron Tequila, like a commercialized song. To briefly quote the lyrics (turn away if you don’t like bad words) “And by the end of the night I’mma have you drunk and throwin’ up. And by the end of the night I’mma have you so fucked up“. Which is a good reason not to drink Patron Tequila. I never look forward to throwing up. But.

Again this song isn’t one I would normally listen to around them. I don’t exactly feel like explaining to my children about getting drunk and throwing up. I was so focused on driving though it didn’t phase me it was on until I looked over to switch lanes and saw Brodie bobbing her head to the rhythm. I was so flustered from becoming unfocused with driving and trying to get the song off I tossed my phone on the floor board of the truck and unplugged it. My kids looked at me like I had lost my mind.

I totally played it cool though like I did it on purpose.

I then turned the normal radio onto talk radio.

Yup. Whoops.