A Happy Day?!

Ten years ago I had no clue how special a day today is. I was being 16, ten years ago, driving around my small town, listening to my music entirely to loud and gossiping with friends. Now ten years later I understand the importance of today.

In my family birthday’s were always a big deal. When we were younger it was the birthday party, cakes, presents…the works. As we got older we still had cake and presents, but the party was then replaced by a family dinner at a steak house. I loved the whole routine of it all. I looked forward to my steak and potatoes.

In Brent’s family, birthday’s are no big deal at all. Just another day, unfortunately. They do presents and a small little get together. But not the same as my family. So for the past nine or so years, Brent has always received an awesome cake from me. Always a present. A card. Something. I always make it a big deal.

This year, today, Brent is turning 30. But Brent is turning 30 in Alaska at work. I can’t ship him anything. It won’t be of much use up there. I can’t bake him a cake, it’ll never make it up there. Me and the kids did make him a few special things. Unfortunately it won’t get to him today. I did call him at midnight last night, woke him up (of course) and wished him a Happy Birthday. Yet still, I feel bummed out that I can’t make his day more special.

So today I will try to send/think positive vibes on Mr.Greer’s special day. I hope that even though he is far away and working that we miss and love him. That we are hoping and wishing him a very special birthday!

Just a little note..I had high hopes for keeping up with EVERYBODY’S birthday. My hopes were soon demolished. There are way too many birthday’s to keep up with nowadays. But I am going to try to keep up. I am!!!!!


  1. *~Brandi~* says:

    Happy Birthday Brent!!! I think that you are seriously the best wife that guy could ever ask for. I bet just knowing that you care so much and that you are so bummed that you can’t fly up to Alaska with your kiddos, present him with a cake and a steak house birthday dinner that it makes him so happy just to know that and I think it will make him love you even more. Because you are seriously one of thee best people I know and I love you so much for your great big heart and your family values.

  2. Happy Birthday Brent!!

    I have to admit I’m one of those people with that family that doesn’t make a big deal out of birthdays.

    I’m really trying with my kiddos, you just reminded me why.

  3. Mrs. Fish says:

    Yay for our family making a big deal out of b-days! I think a b-day is always the big celebration…a celebration of life too! The big 30 was uneventful for me too….everyone forgot!! Tell him have a happy day for me….and I am still older than his old ass! Love you BB!