A Constant Change

My kids are a constant change. Which is really no surprise to any parent. They know that from any moment their child can like one thing, the next hate it. Their interest is piqued at rare moments and like an unexpected breeze, comes and goes. Again, really no surprise to us parents. But there are moments that I am surprised and often amazed. It actually takes me time to understand and comprehend their change. Today was one of those days.

tristan school

I told you all the story a couple weeks back about Tristan and her Daddy. Their very special and unforgettable Daddy Daughter Moment. What struck me about that moment was her unwavering patience for what they were doing. She stuck by him every step of the way not losing any interest. Amazing for a 5 year old to say the least. But more amazing coming from Tristan who true to form is a Gemini. If it doesn’t catch her attention immediately or she just has no real desire it is worthless to her. But again, she stuck it out.

And this morning I woke with her in my bed. I knew she crawled in, as I hazily remember the, “Mommy I’m really scared, can I sleep with you” bit she threw at me at 3 or 4 in the morning. That is pretty typical of all my children at some point, but it’s what came later. I went in her room to turn her television and lights off while she was eating breakfast. And I remember last night when I was turning the lights upstairs off to go to bed that a funny sound was coming from her television. This morning I fully understand the funny sound. She was watching ESPN.

No. I’m not kidding. Yes I am referring to ESPN: The worldwide leader in sports. Yes, the entertainment and sports network. The network which happens to be a favorite amongst men. Grown men. Not 5 year old princesses. And I thought maybe it was just random. Of no real significance. The funny sound last night I heard was a commentator on ESPN talking about Nascar and Juan Pablo Montoya. I brushed it off and really truly thought nothing of it. And still this morning I thought nothing of it. I had to chalk it up to an accidental channel switching while she was sleeping.

So I asked her as I dropped her off this morning. And I was very aloof about the question. I pretended as if there was no reasoning behind me questioning her and that whatever she chose to watch prior to falling asleep was really no big deal. The televisions in their rooms really only serve the purpose of a night light as by the time the clock strikes bed time, they are usually sound asleep and I shut them off or turn them all the way down. Serving as I said as a night light or white noise tool for them. Either way, she snickered a little and played shy with me when answering. She stated, “I really like that channel Mom”.

Eh? Wha? Is this real?

Like I said, they are a constant change. Normally NEVER surprising me. But this morning, I’m still chewing on the fat of the answer. How is it that my 5 year old princess who carries around baby dolls, believes that girls need to dress “like a lady” and spends a great deal of her life in a tutu; watches ESPN because she likes it. And can help rotate tires on the truck with her Daddy?

Who is this child? She’s definitely not who I thought. A moment, obviously brief, had me believing she resembled so much of me. Boy howdy was I wrong. Once again.

Just another mark for the misinformed parenting of Brittany. You see as much as I adore the idea these kids are more affected by me, it’s merely just an idea.