A Christmas Story

It has become a tradition in our house that Brent’s brother, Brandon and his girlfriend (my best friend) Annamarie come over for Christmas.

Christmas Eve they come over and help wrap gifts, put together the Santa gifts and more. (They don’t have kids yet)

Well Anna and I started a thing that we do every Christmas Eve. I’ve been hesitant to share, as it has always been so neat for the kids and is a very special tradition.

We go and buy cotton balls. Then tear them up and stretch them out in certain parts of the house. Near the presents, near the door and near the stockings. (Santa’s beard got tore off a little since he was in a hurry!)

Then you need to make some mud and find someone with big feet. Have them put boots on, get the boots muddy and make boot prints on the rug (or where Santa would have come in) and outside in a line near where Santa and the reindeer’s would be.

Then…buy a small bag of carrots. Chew, chew, chew those carrots. But DO NOT swallow. Spit them out on the ground. Those darn reindeer make quite a mess when eating their treats!

Of course we also take a bite out of the infamous cookies we all baked as a family for Santa. And leave just a tid bit of milk left in the glass of milk we left for him.

It is so much fun to keep the Santa belief alive in our kid by doing this! Not only are their faces shining and excited from the gifts…but because Santa truly came to the house to see them!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!
    .-= Another Suburban Mom´s last blog ..Random Dozen and Sweet Taters! =-.

  2. So cute!!!
    Enjoy these times, because they go by so fast.
    I am so excited to have grandkids now to live it all over again.
    It is so much fun!
    .-= The Retired One´s last blog ..Useless Facts and Trivia: Volume 15 =-.

  3. What a wonderful tradition. I love it! We have to sprinkle oatmeal and sprinkles outside for the reindeer each year. My son’s always so excited about it! (But mom freezes going outside to be sure it’s “eaten.)
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: My Sister’s New Baby =-.

  4. Oh how fun!!

  5. What a cute idea! I love keeping the belief in Santa going!

  6. What a GREAT idea! Sounds like you guys have wonderful holidays together!
    .-= Beeb Ashcroft´s last blog ..Holiday Gift Guide 2009: The Shred Sled – Review =-.

  7. that sounds so fun
    .-= Kelly W´s last blog ..Finding the perfect Christmas advent calendar =-.

  8. LOVE the cotton ball thing! We are totally doing
    that this year!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..I’m A Guest Blogger, Y’all! =-.

  9. i love it. Setting memories, and creating new ones are really what the season is all about. so beautiful.
    .-= karissa´s last blog ..Dean’s Dip Dipstakes + Giveaway =-.

  10. What a fantastic idea! We always make reindeer food out of oats & glitter and sprinkle it around the front yard to let Santa know where we are.