9 Basic Makeup Brushes To Have

You don’t have to run out and get a $200 makeup brush set, though I know I want to buy the more expensive ones and I don’t advise using the ones that come in your makeup you purchase. All you need is 9, yes that’s right, 9, brushes for the basic makeup application. I am going to show you some from Sigma Beauty, but you don’t have to use THAT brand, you can use absolutely any brand!

1. Foundation Brush



2. Powder Brush

powder brush



3. Contour Brush {For Blush}

contour brush



4. Blusher Brush {Blending Blush}

blusher brush



5. Eye Shadow Blending Brush

eye shadow blending brush



6. Eye Shadow Applicator Brush {Best for Creases}

eye shadow applicator brush




7. Highlighting Brush

highlighting brush


8. Eyeliner Brush

eyeliner brush



9. Lipstick Brush

lipstick brush



As I said you don’t have to go with Sigma, check out Benefit Cosmetics and Get FREE US standard shipping with any purchase of $50 or more. Enter promo code PRETTY50 at checkout..


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