5 Ways To Get Creative With Eyeliner

One of my absolute favorite things about makeup is how creative you can get with it. There are so many colors, so many different types {liquids, gels, matte’s} that the look can be recreated or you can add your own unique twist to it. So I thought I would cover some ways to creative with eyeliner. I talked a bit about applying eyeliner correctly and now I want to expand a bit on that too.

So what are 5 ways to get creative with your eyeliner?


1. Use 2 Colors.

two eyeliners

Jennifer Connelly here is wearing two eyeliners. She lined her upper lash line with just a typical black eyeliner but on her lower lash line, she used a purple eyeliner. You can do the same thing but if you don’t feel comfortable with purple, go with a color that matches your eyes {blue for blue, green for green etc}. It can really make the eyes pop. Be sure not to overdo any of your other makeup. You’ll want your eyes to stand out.


2. Layer Your Liner

mod look

Layering your eyeliner is a very mod. But it’s also a very funky and fun way to wear eyeliner. The look above is using a dark and light color {black/white, black/silver} but you don’t have to do that. You can go for any color combination you like and don’t be afraid. If you just don’t like the outcome, start anew. But as with using two eyeliners, you want to not overdo any other makeup.


3. Line Your Lower Rim

sultry eyes

When I covered How To Wear Eyeliner, I noted that lining your lower rim {above the actual lash line} is a little advanced and it takes skill. It does. You obviously need to be patient and steady as you don’t exactly want to jab the eyeliner in your eye. That doesn’t make for good times. And you want to be sure that you use a fresh, newly sharpened pencil.

Completing a look by applying eyeliner to the lower rim, makes for a very sultry look. Using an eyeliner like, GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner in black is going to make the whites of your eyes and your natural eye color pop. Really pop.


4. Drawing Outside Of The Lines

eyeliner outside

beautylish.com / The Blonds 2012 Spring


The Blonds drew inspiration for their spring 2012 collection from Playboy. So yes it was The Blonds Meet Playboy and the makeup styling for this had to be out of control fun. And as kids we are taught to draw inside the lines, again the beauty of makeup is those rules don’t apply. As you can see from above they definitely went outside of the lines. But it’s so unique, so creative but looks so magnificent that you can pull this look off outside of the runway with a fantastic flair.

So look at her eyes. The eyeliner is applied on the lash line {upper} but where you typical put eyeshadow for a smokey eye, you are going to put eyeliner. And fill in the rest with a lighter shade of eyeshadow.


5. Use White

White eyeliner can be very fun to experiment with but it can also be a great little tool. For what? Open your eyes, highlight those eyes or if you’ve had a bit of a weary night – use it to give yourself a way to look awake.  It’s been noted various places that you can use white eyeliner to also highlight your eyebrows, give your lips a bit of plump and more. So the best way to get creative with white eyeliner, is experiment with it!



What are some ways you’ve gotten creative with eyeliner?