5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

I can’t decide if it is Summer or Winter that is worse for your skin. Maybe they are equal enemies for those of us for want to keep beautiful skin all year long. The summer sun is burning us and making us sweat, causing our pores to be clogged and skin to turn to leather. The harsh winter cold tends to dry our skin out and if you are slope bunny, you are getting sun exposure there too. Regardless of the season, we need to keep our skin protected, moisturized and healthy all year around. Here are 5 ways and products to keep our skin beautiful, especially during winter.

1. AVOCADO OIL has a high fat content that helps skin retain water while promoting soft and supple tissue .

Chamomile Body Wash

JASON Chamomile Body Wash is formulated with avocado oil, sunflower oil and Vitamin E to soothe and moisturize skin.

2. SHEA BUTTER not only protects skin and restores elasticity, but has also been proven successful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

c effects night creme

JASON C-Effects Crème is formulated with shea butter and Ester-C for superior antioxidant protection to promote accelerated skin cell turnover.

3. ALOE VERA is a succulent plant that treats anything from burns to skin infections and irritations. It’s nature’s best medicine for skin.

australian gold moisture lock

Australian Gold Moisture Lock contains aloe as well as Vitamin E and lanolin to protect, soothe and treat dry skin.

4. VITAMIN E helps to improve moisture and softness in skin while also acting as an anti-inflammatory.

australian gold lip balm

Australian Gold Herbal Therapy Lip Balm SPF 30  is formulated with Vitamin E, orange and mint oils, and aloe to soothe, heal and protect lips from the elements.

5. GREEN TEA has wide array of benefits for the skin from soothing and clearing up acne, improving skin conditions, fighting inflammation, neutralizing UV light and rejuvenating skin cells.

proactiv green tea moisturizer

Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer intensely hydrating moisturizer addresses the dryness that is sometimes associated with acne medications. It is rich in minerals and botanicals (including extracts of green tea, iris and macadamia nut) to help your complexion retain moisture and regulate oil.

So keep your skin beautiful all year long!


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