5 Summer Styles For Long Hair

5 Summer Styles For Long Hair

5 Summer Styles For Long Hair

With summer upon us, one thing is for certain — hairstyles change. We spend a bit less time doing it and much more time in the sun. For those with long hair — well styling just might have to take a back burner. But fear not for those who are wanting to style their long lovely locks…here are 5 style you should check out this summer!

long brown hair styleThis gorgeous style can be helped reproduced here: A Hair Trick

long hair braid style


This hairstyle I couldn’t find the exact source and ‘how – to’ for, but the beautiful braid and curls…my favorite! A gorgeous style for summer hair!

messy beach summer hair


Another one I couldn’t find a way to reproduce, but the messy beachy style that Blake Lively is pulling off is A+. Love. And Love some more!

curly braided style

Source: unknown

This entire hair style + the color makes me swoon. You want beautiful summer hair for those with richer dark long locks — this is it!

fish tail summer braid

Source: unknown

No summer hairstyle  list is complete nor is summer complete with out taking a dip into water and wanting to be a mermaid. Best way to pull this off is the Fist Tail Braid! Ahhh! Get to swim dear fishies!

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