5 Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Now that I’ve got you brainstorming some hot Halloween costumes, let’s dive into some hairstyles to match. These aren’t exactly going to match my ideas, but hopefully the hairstyles will get your creative juices flowing even more, for that perfectly funky and fun costume! And don’t you worry I’ve got some great makeup coming up soon too, so be sure to keep an eye out for all things Halloween around here.

So let’s get started on the 5 Halloween Hairstyle Ideas.


1. Fairy. Hippie. Gypsy.

mary kate olsen

For chic hippie ‘do like Mary-Kate Olsen, flatten out locks with Solano SleekHeat 450 Flat Iron. With Ionic, Tourmaline and Far Infrared Heat technologies, hair stays healthy and shiny. Keep strands frizz-free all night with göt2b glossy shine serum.

flat iron and got 2 b

Solano Flat Irongöt2b glossy shine serum

2. Heidi. Little Bo Beep. Princess.

sienna miller

Whether you plan on being a German beer girl or Little Bo Peep, Sienna Miller’s braided crown is the perfect ‘do to top off your look. Once hair is braided, wrap it around the crown of your head securing the braid in place with Goody ColourCollection Bobby Slides . Spray göt2b rockin’ it encore hold hairspray  all over to lock in your style, without helmet-head feel. And be sure to find your sheep before heading out!

bobby pins and hairspray

Goody Bobby Slides & göt2b rockin’ it encore hold hairspray

3. Retro. Rocker. Very Versatile style.


To transform your hair into Rhianna’s vertically outrageous style, start with Goody Start.Style.Finish 43mm Ouchless Hot Round. Wrap hair around the round barrel and tease as your blow dry. Then, set the look in place with göt2b ultra glued invincible styling gel. Powered by a high-tech styling agent, Alpha XTR, the formulation feels like a gel, but works like a glue letting you take your style to unbelievable new heights.

brush and hairspray

Goody Hot Round & göt2b ultra glued invincible styling gel

4.Rockabilly. Pinup. Lucille Ball.

rihanna updoThese beautiful and becoming a very trendy hairstyle adorned by Rhianna is easy pulled up with just a little work. Curl your hair with a Solano Marcel spring 3/4” curling iron and some göt2b kinky curling mousse. Pull it up into a high ponytail and get a fabulous Rockabilly Hair Scarf to top off the look!

curling iron and curling mousse

Solano Marcel spring 3/4” & göt2b kinky curling mousse

5. Punk. Rockstar. Anything Edgy.


You don’t have to have short hair to sport this style. It’s messy, it’s funky and it’s super easy to pull off. Wash and condition your hair like normal. Then pull out a Solano SuperSolano Blow Dryer and göt2b playful texturizing creme pomade. Dry your hair without brushing and use the creme to get that messy and texturized look. It’s fabulous, funky and super fun!

blow dryer and texture creme

Solano SuperSolano Blow Dryer & göt2b playful texturizing creme pomade

So there you have it! 5 great Halloween Hairstyles. Hopefully you can use one of these or they will get you brainstorming on a fabulous costume and hairstyle to pull off!!! Stay tuned more Halloween Fun coming your way!



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