5 Hair Care Tips on a Budget

Times can often be tough and I recently just sat down and did my budget. I have a bit of luxury of having a larger beauty budget, but of course I also make my own money so that I can have my own play money for beauty. But life hasn’t always been that way and it’s not always that way for everyone. So I thought I would share some ways to save and trim costs when it comes to hair care.


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1. Read over my hair care tips. It will explain how washing and conditioning doesn’t have to be a daily routine. And how Dry Shampoo can help in keeping you fresh. With that in mind, this will help in keeping your shampoo and conditioner lasting longer. Be sure to read the directions on your products also. They do often advise of how much to use, it’s possible you are using too much. Also remember, if you feel like your conditioner isn’t going a long way, take a detangling comb in the shower with you to get an even spread of it through your hair.


2. Even the above isn’t your problem well I think the best is to buy in bulk. Honestly. There are many stores (Sam’s Club, Costco, Smart and Final) that you can purchase hair care products at in bulk.  And try to avoid going to drug stores and grocery stores. They usually cost from around $2-$5 more than they would at larger stores (Target, WalMart).


3.  Pay attention to your hair personality. Is it dry, frizzy, oily? Find the one problem with that and only purchase your hair care products for that. I am a product junkie but I have no reason to buy mousse, hair spray, shine spray and leave in conditioner. My hair is natural curly. With a nice smoothing spray, my curls will look just as lovely (and less product) compared to coating it with mousse and hair spray.


4. When it comes to hair cuts, I will say I know your pain. It’s ideal to go in every 6-8 weeks and I know you are thinking that does cost a lot. But there are ways to save with that. Sign up for sites like Groupon etc and keep an eye out for salon deals. Or even better go to your local cosmetology school. They always have fantastic prices and generally they don’t accept tips. I have never been disappointed going to a local school for my hair. And follow these same tips when it comes to hair coloring too.


5. Last but not least is hair accessories and tools. Shop online for coupons, deals and even check out handmade. That goes for everything beauty and hair related. Check out craft sites too and learn to DIY. And don’t be afraid to get creative. Making a statement is the best part about beauty and hair!


What are some of your hair care budgeting tips?



  1. I like to switch shampoos and conditioners often to avoid product build up. This is great when you are on a budget because you can buy whatever quality product has a special offer when you go shopping as long as it is for your hair type.


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