5 Hair Brushes and Combs To Have

Hair brushes and combs are the very basic tools (if you wish) to have when it comes to your hair. Often times we just go to the store, pick up a comb/brush and think nothing about it. We don’t know if we need a different kind, size or what the comb/brush can be used for.  Here I am just going to cover the 5 basic hair brushes and combs you should always have and very briefly touch on why.

Hopefully I can elaborate more on this at a later time, but I just want to give you a glimpse at the basics.


round boar brush


Great for curls, volume, lift. Often used when blow drying.

denman paddle brush

Often used for detangling, smoothing, grooming.

rat tail comb

Styling or Teasing comb. Best used for adding texture via back combing.

detangling comb

Alternative to the brush is the detangling comb.

basic hair brush

This particular brush I chose because you always need a back up. For traveling. If one gets lost. For anything really it’s great to have just a simple back up paddle brush.

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