5 Fast Years

Five years ago was when all my anxiety hit about parenting more than one child. I have already told you all about that feeling. But when this hairy little dude came, all was right in the world. And I am not joking about the hairy comment. At all. He was and still is, covered in this fine hair. His eyelashes long and lush. He bats them to get his own way. His smile heart warming with a touch of flirt in it. Another thing he learned to get his own way.

His little things he does and says brighten each of my passing days. The way he crosses his arms and says, ‘No pood por me’ or ‘I no do nothing’.

He always tells me I am the best girl in the world. Or tells me how pretty I am.

He aggravates his sisters, but you can see the adoration for them in his eyes.

He is his Daddy’s little buddy.

Actually his is a mirror image of his Daddy, just lighter colored hair.

But in my life I couldn’t ask for a better little boy. The boy that thinks that while Daddy is away he is the “man of the house”. That wears Buzz Light(year), Batman, Harry Potter, Ninja Turtle, Superman and Power Ranger costumes all year ’round. That fights invisible evil-doers all the live long day. Who loves to put a smile on every persons face. But when he is not happy, nobody else should be and he’ll let you know it.

It’s been 5 very fast years, but today my little man is turning 5.

Happy Birthday Dayton!

Little Sidenote: He had a birthday party when Daddy was home. Today he will get something little and a cake to mark his birthday, but I can’t let these kids keep going thinking they get 2 freakin’ birthdays a year!!!!!


  1. Dickey Family says:

    oh Brittney you are such a sweet mom and wife!I am like you birthdays are a big deal and should be a big celebration!

  2. Mrs. Fish says:

    I remember that day so vividly! That boy was ready to come out and play! I am so happy I was able to be there that day for you Britt and to see your sweet little boy born! I love you both!

  3. Eric and Addie says:

    that was so cute!! don’t you just love your little boy? I know my boys drive me batty but I cant get enough of there boy ways. and your little guy is lucky to have some sisters to take good care of him. he is a cutie.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What a great man you have there. Love that he is the man of the house dressed as Buzz.

    TOOO cute.

  5. *~Brandi~* says:

    Oh Britt what a sweet mom and wife you are. Your little man is so cute and sweet. Happy Birthday Dayton boy I hope it was a great love. Love ya Britt!!!