5 Fashion Slimming Tips

You may be in the process of losing weight, struggling to lose weight or just feeling super bloated and want to hide it those imperfections. Well there are quite a few fashion trends, styles, patterns etc that can help you achieve looking and feeling your best! So here are a few fashion tips to give you that slim look and help you feel fabulous!

1. Ruching

Ruching is absolutely fabulous and I want to kiss the inventor of this. But try at all costs to avoid ruching directly across your tummy area. (Along with other embellishments etc – you want the attention essentially pulled away from there.


2. Black

Black is fantastic slimming color. Try to avoid wearing all black and wearing black shiny fabrics.


3. Body Shapers

Not all body shapers were created alike and not all of them are uncomfortable. Check out Spanx or ShaToBu.


4. Slimming and/or Slim Fit Jeans

Try to avoid really low cut jeans but yes, when it comes to jeans, slim fit and slimming jeans can be super stylish and obviously slimming.


5. Diagonal, Vertical, Embellished Side Shirts

Avoid horizontal patterns, embellishments across the tummy etc. Essentially avoid anything that is going to draw attention to your “problem” areas. A shirt like this, would be great.


What fashion slimming tips would you like to share?