5 Fabulous Textured Hairstyles

Right now I would describe my hair as absolutely boring. The thing about attending beauty school is the minute you walk in you think that. You want to cut, style and color your hair at least a thousand different ways. And until you get that first cut, you deem your hair lifeless and boring. My regrowth is so insanely visible that I do need a color bad. I went in over a month ago and my hair is highly, highly overdo for change. People change their clothes, I change my hair. OK I change my clothes too but you know what I mean.

We recently learned the razor cutting technique at school as well as working with texture and different techniques for achieving texture. I am stuck on TEXTURE. So here are 5 fabulously textured hairstyles I want. Now.

Please and thank you.

jennie garth cut

image: thehairstyler.com

┬áJennie Garth’s cut here is so fun. I love the back best.

textured and colored hair

This cut and the color just screams my name. I absolutely adore it.

razor cut and color

I actually pinned this cut and threatened the using of my own razor, that’s how badly I want this.

razor cut

There is something about the texture in a style like this that I just absolutely adore.

long textured hair

image: becomegorgeous.com

I like how there is still length in this style.

Any hairstyles with texture (like these) that you are dying to have?