5 Fabulous Bloggers

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Regardless of how long I have been blogging and what I have learned, there are always bloggers out there that I deem fabulous. And not because of what they are doing, what they may have taught me or anything else – but because of their reliability and consistency of who and what they are/do. They not only inspire and motivate me but they are constantly doing both at any point in time in their online pursuits.


image: myrivendell.wordpress.com

My 5 Fabulous Blogger Picks Are:

Full Circle

Melissa’s passion for life regardless of any storm she may be weathering shows through consistently. She tells her story everyday without losing touch for main purpose and goals in life. Her caring heart and mannerisms are expressed throughout every facet of her online world.

Faithfully, Frugal & Free

Shasta has not only been a pleasure to meet in person, but her blog reflects her personality perfectly. In her writings about her family and her faith – her convictions are strong, reliable and warm. She not only inspires me but allows everyone to see that who and what she is may be close to her heart, but she has no fear in allowing the world to understand these things and we all accept them fully and want to express them proudly – much like her.

Southern Bella’s Ways To Save

While Kas is my bestest friend and I knew immediately we would click in person, her organization and consistency as a blogger is not only admirable but extremely professional. She motivates me to work harder, dream bigger and be true to what I want to do. While Kas isn’t a full time life teller on her blog, she treats her blog and her life online with respect, passion and again professionalism. Three traits to be envious of.

Danielle M Hayes

While not at all a mommy blogger or really a life blogger – she’s a truth & fashion blogger. She broke the mold in her pursuits with Western Glamour and is a constant inspiration and of course my go to fashion adviser. If she doesn’t approve I know not to touch it! She allows herself to learn, grow and challenges herself daily. A true professional, fashionista and dreamer.

Is It Monday Already

Let’s not forget Lisa. Yes I have met her in person. Yes we love to hang out as much as possible. Yes I love her blog. And why? Because I know her, when I read her blog I can hear her voice. She blogs like she talks. Nothing overdone or too simple. It’s an extension of her personality if I dare. She has nothing to prove or disprove. It’s as if she has found that perfect middle ground we all often seek. Trying to be expressive but keep ourselves in it. She does it.

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