5 Celeb Styles Inspiring My Weight Loss

I am working towards a goal of getting back to the weight I want to be. Not for health and not for other people, but because I enjoyed looking the way I did. Plus I will have to admit, there are super cute styles and trends right now that I want to pull off. Not saying that my weight is hindering that but my mind has an idea of what I would like it to look like. Either way, here are 5 celebrity styles that I keep around me that are inspiring me to shed the pounds so I can pull off that look!

miranda lambert


I’m a huge fan of Miranda Lambert. This outfit that she is wearing, I love. It’s not a get up and go out style of an outfit, but perfect for hanging around the house and doing what needs to be done.


mary louise parker


I get that Mary Louise Parker is not wearing, well anything, but she looks HOT in that. I want to pull that off and I’ll even workout in heels just to perfect the art of walking in them so I can wear this around! She makes weed (ha pun intended) look fun!


christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera looks so bombshell-esque here. I want to pull off a dress that well and with my goal, keeping this picture around will inspire me to do so!


evan rachel wood


I get that Evan Rachel Wood is wearing nothing practically, but c’mon…hotness all over! She is rockin’ those stockings and I want to rock some stockings too!


And last but not least on my inspirational board:


There is something about that top, the jeans and heeled shoes that P!nk is sporting that completely inspire me!


So there you have it. 5 Inspiring Celeb Styles that are keeping me motivated! Who and what is keepin’ you truckin’?