5 Basic Hair Styling Tools

Have you ever spent the time being confused on exactly which hair styling tools you absolutely need and don’t need? I have talked a bit about hair care products and even hair brushes and combs – but I haven’t gone in depth or even touched briefly on the styling tools I think you should absolutely have.

While I personally have various different size of curling irons, three or four different flat irons and several hair dryers – that doesn’t mean you need them. Let’s talk about the basic styling tools you should have and how they will come in handy.

solano hair dryers

The first on my list of basic hair styling tools to have is the obvious hair dryer. A good hair dryer is the key to life when it comes to hair. Okay, maybe not that drastic but it is important. I’ve gone through a bagillion hair dryers and having a reliable and versatile dryer is extremely important.

I recommend Solano products.

kpak joico vaporiron

A good flat iron is another basic styling tool to have. The K-PAK VaporIron from Joico is high on my list not only because of the quality of product and brand but also because of it’s versatility when it comes to styling your hair. This particular iron has the capability of straightening your hair but is also possible to do curls with. It’s a great tool to style and care for your hair.

chi curling irons

The main ingredient to beautiful curls is an amazing curling iron. You need a curling iron that isn’t going to break, burn or wreak havoc on your hair. While curls are achieved in a variety of ways – the go to and basic way is a curling iron. I can’t recommend what size you should have, as each size is going to help you get different curls – but getting maybe a basic medium size curling iron is going to be a great place to start.

I recommend CHI Curling Irons.

no heat hair curlers

Hair curlers (foam or other like type) that require no heat on definitely on my list of  hair styling tools. These lovely little gems are the perfect tool for creating styles overnight and on less time. I love to stick my hair in rollers/curlers overnight and the next morning I pull them out, add some product and away I go. No sitting in front of a mirror with heat and irons for hours trying to achieve the style I want when I have places to go.

I recommend Goody – they have a great selection for these.

hair styling clip

The ultimate help when it comes to hairstyling is the clip. These Color Trak Croc Clips are the essential tool for help. They can help you section your hair when styling. Hold already styled hair back. Keep robes, towels and gowns in place when styling yourself or someone else. While these tiny little things may not seem like a big deal they are. They are huge. And an obvious basic for hairstyling.

What are some basic styling tools you recommend?