5 Annoying Words & Phrases

This isn’t anything bitchy or mean, there are just some words that I think as adults should be outlawed from being typed or being said. I’m sure y’all will NOT agree with me, but what can I say I’m pretty anal about it.

If only I could get everyone on board though, I would live in a harmonious world minus the most annoying words and phrases EVER used by adults.


So without further ado….

  1. “Squeee”

What the hell is a squee? And why are you squee(ing)? Can you even squee? Is it short for squeal and if so please god don’t squeal. My girls they are 9 and 5 squeal. That should be the largest hint why you should NOT.

  1. “Oh, Snap!”

I’m pretty sure Raven (That’s so Raven) coined this ridiculous phrase. First, that show was on Disney Channel. I love me some Disney and Disney Channel but I honestly don’t think adults should be using coined terms by a popular CHILDREN show.

  1. “KTHXBAI”

This is the text term for a snarky way of saying fuck off. While I enjoy snark and I know A TON of people who use this phrase, I think since we are adults we should just say FUCK OFF.

  1. “Guru, Savvy, Pro, Expert, Influtential” (After these phrases PLEASE insert Social Media)

Why are these annoying and why do I think we as adults should quit using them? Because someone who is nitwit just started a twitter and on their bio they put Social Media Guru. They only have 5 followers and 1 tweet. That tweet says “Hm, how does this twitter thing work?”.  Nowadays everyone is greatly knowledgeable about social media. Want to know my adult knowledge on it? Login. Type. Hit Enter. (Do that make me a pro?)

Last but not least….

  1. “Inappropriate”

Really. What’s inappropriate? And who makes up these rules exactly? What you deem OK may not be OK to me…so does that mean I get to tag it with that might word inappropriate. How about this…mind your own business and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Didn’t your parents teach you that?


  1. LMAO Yeah, it’s a bit disconcerting to see grown women typing in text speak on blogs or forums and EVERYBODY is a fucking self-proclaimed guru of something.

    People need to just give up the ghost already and speak ENGLISH already. LOL

  2. And while we are at it, could we please stop the use of phat. It annoys me.

  3. Oh, Snap! You did not go there 🙂 Lol! I think my favorite “Oh, Snap” moment was in BOLT! Love you girl!

  4. Geez Britt, what an inappropriate post. Squee! I am a guru of a pile of dirty laundry in my basement today…I think it can KTHXBAI at this point. Oh snap.

    OK sorry I just couldn’t leave it alone. lol xoxoox

  5. The txt thing I don’t even get lol. As for the rest. SPOT F-ING ON!