30 Minute Heart Pounding, Sweat Dripping, Workout

I walked into a doctor about two weeks ago, in maybe a months time I lost 6 pounds and a full pants size. With doing very little. I started drinking less cokes and super sugar drinks. I decreased my caffeine drastically and took my sodium intake down epically. I also started to drink more, take omega 3 vitamins, do 30 minute workouts and sweat more by increasing my outdoor time. That’s it. Why it all sounds real fancy it really isn’t. I’m not doing in home work outs on video or anything else. I’m not eating specialty foods or NO fast food.

So onto my workout. The follow up post after this will be my workout play list. It may not be your type of music but if you are like me, you need someone in your head telling you “run god dammit, push”, almost drill sergeant-esque.

300 workout


P.S. Like that image? Ha!


Stretches. Simple stupid stretches we learned in grade school.
3-5 reps of walking up and down my stairs.
During those reps I stop at the top and down and do lunges, small butt swings (stand straight up, point one foot forward, hang onto something and make a T with other foot behind forward pointed one, then do small kicks or swings) and squats. In the end this accounts for maybe 10 minutes.


Stair sprints for 3-5 reps. I start at the bottom and sprint to the top. Then walk quickly back down, turn around and sprint again. This takes maybe 10 minutes.

Crunches. I do forward crunches and then side crunches. (Side crunches: lay on side, knees bent. Put the arm you are laying on straight in front of you. Use other arm to hold your head like a normal crunch. Then crunch to side bringing up legs slightly at the same time while they are still bent.) This takes 5 minutes.

Staying on my side with my arm that was straight now bent and holding my head up I bring my leg that is not under me up and down. (I have no idea what this would be even called! Maybe side leg swings?)

Lastly I do girl push ups. Unless you can do the full push ups, do those. I do like 25 reps.

Walk it out and stretch it out and voila’! You are heart pounding, sweaty mess.

Here is the best workout playlist.


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