3 Products For Summer Hair

I truly do love the summer. I am able to soak up the vitamin D allowing me to use a more natural approach with makeup and also a natural approach with my hair. I would love to have short easily styled hair, but I can never actually pull the look off. I also like to lighten my hair during the summer months and during the winter months I go back to dark.

My hair when straightened is a bit past my shoulder, lucky for me I also have a very natural curl to my hair which makes the easy and natural style for summer – easy to pull off. I like to enhance my curls and play them up. If I allow my hair to dry naturally with the curl it does tend to be a bit unruly still. So I used 3 particular products to help me achieve my perfect summer hair via the natural style.

sedu beach beauty sea salt spray Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray is one of the top products I recommend to enhance or replicate that “fresh out of ocean” hair look. A few spritz of this product on your hair, a few scrunches of your hair and voila. If you want to play up the look, grab a flower hair clip and insert next to your ear on either side of your head. Beautiful!

tousle me softly products The Tousle Me Softly product line from Herbal Essences is definitely a must for the natural summer hair look. Not only do these products easily achieve this look, they smell great and leave absolutely no trace of product in your hair. You will notice with other products (i.e. mousse, gel, etc) that your hair will be left feeling stiff and “crunchy”. These products do not have this effect and a little goes a long way. Play up the look from this product with a thin head band placed softly towards the front of your head!

anti frizz serum This anti-frizz serum offered by Garnier Fructis is a product you should use to enhance any look you to chose to go with this summer. I use this particular product on my ends and unruly sections of hair when I am sporting the summer curl look. It diminishes the frizz and adds a sleek and shiny touch to my style. This product is perfect any time of the year and style of hair you are attempting to achieve.

A sneak peek at how I pull off the natural summer hair:

summer hair

What products do you recommend?


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