22nd Day

My birthday is on the 22nd of April. Just right around the corner. I realize I am turning 28 but I still get excited about my birthday. Birthday’s are pretty fantastical. So anyway, like a good little birthday girl, I decided that I will make my birthday wish list. And here is what I wish for (hint cough hint cough):



I would like the iPhone 4. Thanks to Verizon Wireless and my upgrade eligibility I shall have that soon. But still it’s on my list.


apple store

I’d like a gift card to the Apple Store. I want to get some goodies for my iPad. I’ve had it for almost a year and I want goodies dammit.



I’d like a gift card to T.J.Maxx. I love that place and there’s something else on my list that would require new clothes.


fantastic sams

I would like to go get my hair cut and colored at Fantastic Sams. It’s almost summer so I need the update AND again something else on my list requires a fantastic (ha pun!) hair update.

bourbon street

Image: momdot.com

Last but not least, I would like another trip to New Orleans. A good time on Bourbon Street is just what I need. And that would require new clothes and a new hair!


Again…just a list. (hint cough hint cough)