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The post is inspired by two events that happened to me very recently. I am very much a jeans and flip flops kind of girl but my love for the vintage style is unwavering. I also love to wear figure flattering dresses and have big dreams of wearing super cute shoes. I firmly believe makeup is the best medicine for any ailment and your style should be your own. But as we also know I am the last person anyone should seek out when it comes to fashion advice or expert opinion. That is why I keep my resident fashion adviser and style expert, Danielle M. Hayes handy.

I called upon her to answer some questions to help me understand what is really out and what is really in. You see I was in the mall the other day stocking up on my addiction to smelly good things and took a trip into the more popular stores, such as The Buckle. The Buckles carries very cute jeans from Miss Me and I superbly love the style, minus the skinny version but the entire store was stocked up on what I would call the Boho Chic Western Style. If my mind is what I think it is Danielle was highlighting this style LAST YEAR. Are these popular stores really that slow on trends or is this trend still in?

So I was left chewing the fat of my question when a recent piece done on our local news stations left me in awe. I love summer as we all know and I love the summer fresh, natural (breezy if you wish) look, but absolutely know this is NOT hip too. Yet the piece was highlighting the nautical look and informing viewers that this style was very much in and very much hip. Wait. What? White jeans, bold blue and white striped shirts, gold anchors and red scarves around the neck are…IN?

I dub myself unfashionable and move to the expert on bringing to light the truth in fashion for 2011. Danielle, please help us out!

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What are the hot trends and styles to go with this summer?

Fashion is all over the place this summer. Maxi dresses are still holding strong as well the resurgence of retro inspired sundresses, high waisted shorts, and wedges. In my opinion they are some of the go to looks for anyone. They are feminine and there is a good chance you could wear them again next summer. The #1 thing in my book is don’t be afraid to try something new. If your a tank top and capri girl, switch it up and try some high waisted shorts with your tank and layer on some fun jewelry. And believe it or not nautical is HUGE this summer

And where do you recommend shopping for these at (and NOT shopping at)?

Treasures can be found anywhere (usually) second hand stores, small independent boutiques, and your larger department stores. I also love shopping on Etsy, especially for accessories and one of a kind items. Each season I plan the main pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. If its something like a staple item that will go from season to season, I don’t scrimp on it. Staple items are the core of a good wardrobe, so the fit, cut, and materials should be the best you can afford. Super trendy items that you know are one season wonders, don’t break the bank. I also stock up on tank tops and tees each season at places like Old Navy. Being a savvy and organized shopper will help alleviate any of those purchases you hate once you get home.

What styles can you not go wrong with all year long?

Great denim!! There are so many amazing and different styles that can fit most any occasion. But cheap jeans look cheap. Concentrate on fit and cut, something that is right for your body type. There are classics like a great cashmere sweater, perfectly fitted boyfriend blazer, and great shoes. These things are timeless and should be seen as investments.

What is out and must stop now?

I personally hate Uggs. They just look sloppy. Velour sweat suits, bling belts, burn out tees, shall I keep going… I have always felt that once a trend was seen in Walmart, its been dead for some time.

What should we expect for the fall and winter styles?

Fall is all about femininity! Beautiful silhouettes that look grown up and elegant. Great fabrics, Velvet is HUGE as are fabrics that look to almost reshape the body. Fall 2011 is like the rebirth to glamour. Its very classic which is a nice change from some looks of the past seasons

And last but not least can you please clarify:

Skinny Jeans: In or Out?

I am on the fence with this one. Love the streamlined look but hate how hipster they have become. I would say the are on their way out.


Neon Colors: In or Out?

I don’t love neon on anyone over 12, unless its in the form of an accessory and paired with a great caftan dress or something very artistic in feel


Nautical Look: In or Out?

Its HUGE right now, but like any trend people take it to far and end up looking like a joke


Boho Chic Western Style: In or Out?

I love parts of this look but I feel its time for something new especially in western. Ralph Lauren did my fantasy western look at NYFW. It was ethereal and elegant.

There you have it ladies! Where we are going wrong and what we need to do to improve it! Be sure to stay up to date with all your fashion and style needs with Danielle M. Hayes:

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