100 Things

Wow…100 posts. Nifty right? So here goes nothing….

  1. Brent and I were engaged 2 months after we met.
  2. We worked together once at a nursing home. Not good pay but it was a lot of fun.
  3. We like to stay up late watch the News and other stuff and then discuss it till we pass out.
  4. We love playing the Grand Theft Auto video games series.
  5. Brent likes to make me mad because he thinks its cute.
  6. He knows the best way to deal with me when I am mad. I vent, I clean and then he cracks jokes.
  7. Brent has a love/hate relationship with his job. What he does is his niche, but he hates being away from us.
  8. Brent and I are romantically challenged. But I love that he brings me flowers, buys me chocolates, will pick cotton or flowers off the side of the road, brings me home crossword puzzles, helps me do dishes, helps me do laundry and wrestles with me.
  9. Brent loves to sing to me and dance with me.
  10. I blush the whole time.
  11. Brodie is so smart her brain gets in her way. She over thinks EVERYTHING.
  12. Brodie is a very sensitive little girl.
  13. Tristan has what we call “The Greer Temper”. She growled at me earlier today.
  14. Dayton can be your typical boy but so very sweet. He’s a heartbreaker.
  15. None of them are “Mommy’s Girl or Boy”.
  16. They are all “Daddy’s Kids”.
  17. Brent likes to keep the kids up as late as possible playing the monster game. He’s the monster…they run and scream around the house. The bed is the safe place.
  18. Brent teaches Dayton how to terrorize his little sisters.
  19. Brent’s taking Dayton fishing, the camera probably won’t go. It’s “Boy Time”.
  20. The boys are outnumbered. Always.
  21. I am the boss. But Brent occasionally puts his foot down.
  22. He thinks it’s great when he puts his foot down.
  23. Brent is all logic. He doesn’t fantasize about becoming rich, if we won the lottery etc.
  24. I fantasize about that stuff. He just shakes his head at me.
  25. All three kids are risk takers.
  26. Brodie is the biggest one. She loves to climb the highest tree.
  27. Brodie is HIGHLY dramatic. She will throw herself on the floor and cry if she had a bad day.
  28. Brodie loves to sing, dance, act, cook, tumble, twirl, flip and swim. Softball is not her thing.
  29. Dayton is obsessed with Power Rangers, Batman, Superman, HE-MAN all superheroes.
  30. Tristan loves, puppies, ponies, princesses.
  31. Tristan goes with the flow of life.
  32. Dayton battles the evil doers in life.
  33. Brodie rejects everyones version of life. She is making it her own show.
  34. Brodie loves Food Network.
  35. All three kids love the show Ace Of Cakes.
  36. Brent loves beds. When the kids got their new beds, he laid on everyone of them.
  37. Brent kicked all us girls outta Dayton’s room.
  38. Brent plays roughs with the kids.
  39. They come back for more roughness.
  40. Brent hardly every yells.
  41. I yell.
  42. Brent hates when I say his name a certain way.
  43. I do it to irritate him.
  44. ESPN is on 24-7 when he is home.
  45. Brent and I love watching Stump the Schwab.
  46. Brent loves Brett Favre.
  47. I love the Colts and Titans.
  48. We both love the Yankees.
  49. The kids love Nascar.
  50. We make fun of our favorite sports figures to annoy one another.
  51. Brent hates water on the floor.
  52. I hate his hair on the floor after he shaves his head.
  53. Brodie laughs at us when we pick on each other.
  54. Tristan doesn’t like anything loud.
  55. Except her voice.
  56. Combined we have 18 brothers and sister. Including in laws.
  57. Combined we have 14 nieces and nephews.
  58. Our Moms are both nurses.
  59. Our Step-Dad’s both have done construction.
  60. I talk to his cousins more than him.
  61. His Mom raised 6 boys and now they have more girls in the family then boys.
  62. My Mom raised 1 boy and 2 girls, and has more boys in the family then girls.
  63. Brent swears he can’t cook.
  64. Brodie swears she can cook.
  65. I hate cooking.
  66. I love baking.
  67. Dayton looks like his Daddy, acts like his Daddy and thinks his Daddy is Superman.
  68. Tristan manipulates her Daddy with her sweet voice and smile.
  69. Brodie thinks her Grandma (my mom) hung the moon and can do ANYTHING.
  70. Dayton thinks his Grandpa (my step-dad) is the coolest because he collects cars.
  71. Tristan tells on me to her Grandma (Brent’s mom).
  72. We want to retire in Hawaii.
  73. My favorite animal is a Moose. Brent takes pictures of them in Alaska all the time for me.
  74. I love the beach. The ocean. The smell.
  75. Brent’s not to fond of it.
  76. We both love green grass and lots of trees.
  77. Pre-kids Brent and I used to love driving around.
  78. We love road trips.
  79. Brent loves 24 and spy style stuff.
  80. He likes to pretend to be Jack Bauer.
  81. I roll my eyes.
  82. When he tells me stories, he already told me, I say I know. He says..You don’t know me.
  83. Brent’s a homebody.
  84. I’m not.
  85. Brent will NOT let the kids say “I can’t.”
  86. I love reading.
  87. I love all music.
  88. Brent hates when I listen to anything other than country and rock.
  89. Brent was born and raised in Texas.
  90. I wish I was. I love this state.
  91. Brent has lived in Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming for a short time.
  92. I’ve only lived in Texas and Arizona. But spent a lot of time in Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico with my Dad.
  93. We both want to travel when the kids are grown. See every baseball stadium.
  94. We love to Window Shop.
  95. We took the kids to Disneyland for Spring Break. We thought they would forget. They still talk about it like it was yesterday.
  96. We are going to Disney world next.
  97. Brodie and Tristan love to swim.
  98. Dayton not so much.
  99. We begun our journey 10 years ago.
  100. We can’t wait to look back in 10 more.


  1. *~Brandi~* says:

    Britt I loved reading this your family is just awesome how wonderful your kids are and lucky you are to have all that family. Truely enjoyed this