10 Things To See And Do In Texas

Most of you may already know that I have spent a good deal of time in Texas. I will always consider Texas to be my home and while I love being here in Arizona with my family, you will often find me day dreaming of moving back to Texas. During my time in Texas, the miner and I traveled all around the state (more like moving) and saw some pretty amazing things. So if you live in Texas or are planning a trip; here are ten things you must see and do to appreciate the state just a little bit more.

state of texas

1. Visit Bandera, Texas. We used to live there. It’s not only an amazing place to live but visit also. While there be sure to spend some time at the river, walk down main street and go antique shopping and if you are making plans – attempt to get there on Labor Day. They have the parade and cattle drive. It is one of the best things to do that time of the year. And if you are feeling a bit starved and parched – stop at Old Texas Square and check out the cantina. The Painkillers (alcoholic drink) they serve are a favorite of the miner’s and I’s. I always go for the Hill Country Smile.

2. Now that you’ve seen Bandera, head over to Medina Lake. It’s a short drive from Bandera & San Antonio. It’s a magnificent lake and the water just seems to sparkle. You can swim, boat or whatever pleases you. Take the time to drive all over the Medina Lake area also for the beautiful scenery. And if you happen to go at the right time, stop in at the Cajun Festival they always hold!

3. Next up is the town of Medina, Texas. Also a short drive from Bandera & Kerrville. It’s a charming and irresistible town that has a fantastic Apple Festival you cannot miss. Be sure to drive from Bandera and enjoy the scenic route and drive to Kerrville from Medina on that scenic route. It’s a truly amazing experience. And of course please do NOT forget to stop and get some homemade soft serve apple ice cream. No joke. It is the best thing I have ever tasted and nothing compares. Plus the shop smells heavenly.

4. Head over to the Austin area and get you some famous barbecue from The Salt Lick. Don’t blame me if you get addicted.

5. Drive to East Texas, Nacogdoches in particular. Spend some time downtown. One of the biggest things you should see? The streets in the downtown are paved with red brick. Stunning. Truly.

6. Head over to Bryan – College Station, Texas. Yes. Aggies. Yes. Texas A&M University. But that is not what I want you to see. Go to Messina Hof Winery. You will not regret it.

7. Next up. Galveston. Head on down there and ride the ferry boats. You’ll be pleased. The Miner and I used to go every weekend. I love ferry boats.

8. When you are done in the Bryan – College Station area, hop on Highway6 and head south. During the spring before they mow the sides of the highway, bluebonnets and indian paint brushes will take over the sides of the highway. It is a gorgeous drive. When you reach 290 head East. On the side of the road you’ll see a place that you have to stop at. Waller County Line BBQ. What should you order? My favorite – overstuffed baked potato. I cannot for the life of me find one that is comparable.

9. While in the hill country be sure to head over to Fredricksburg Texas. Spend the entire day walking downtown. All the shops. A couple ice cream soda fountain style shops. Taste beer. Taste wine. Just shop. It will be a pleasure.

10. Last but not least, just something a little fun for me and you. Go to Huntsville, Texas. Get on Highway 190 and drive all the way to Livingston. It is one of my favorite drives with the thick woods and bridges you’ll cross over. From there get on Highway 59, then Highway 21 and take it all the way to Hemphill. When you are there you won’t see much, it’s a small town. The court house is gorgeous and you might see some older gentlemen sitting around the outside – possibly playing checkers (or another game). But be sure to drive around. Eventually you will see one thing in particular.

blan greer law enforcement

That would be my husband’s grandfather. Don’t get thrown in the jail. That’s not much fun. But take a picture. And boast how you’ve interacted with a part of The Miner Wife’s family roots.

Enjoy Texas!